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  • Register of registered food importers and registered food distributors - To view, please click here.
  • Enquiry of registered food importers and food distributors by business name and/ or main food category - Please click here.
  • Register as a new Food Importer / Distributor by using application form, please download here
  • For food importers / food distributors who have already registered or have obtained a licence under other ordinances, they will be exempted from the registration requirement. For details, please click here
  • If you are already registered as a Food Importer / Distributor, you may renew your registration or update any change in the information by clicking here
  • Exempted Food Importers / Distributors can also update their information by clicking here

  • New SVE applicant should submit application by completing the application form FEHB233 or submit application via FICS with the submission of digital certificate issued by the Government-recognized Certification Authorities (e.g. e-Cert issued by Hongkong Post) by clicking here.
  • If you are a SVE grantee with user login ID and password, you may access to the login page of FICS by clicking here.

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